Cats 1st is dedicated to the humane care and management of feral and abandoned cats.  Our members have extensive knowledge and deep compassion for these felines.

Organized for charitable and educational purposes, Cats 1st educates the public about feral and abandoned cats; humanely traps, neuters and medically clears feral cats and abandoned domestic cats; humanely resolves issues arising between property owners and unwanted cats; and educates the public about the value of spaying and neutering cats.

It is the Mission of Cats 1st –

  • To develop and administer community-based efforts in southeastern New Hampshire to educate the public about feral and abandoned cats. 

  • To humanely trap, neuter, medically clear and return feral cats to their original territories with food, shelter and continued care whenever possible thereby reducing the number of unwanted cats in New Hampshire. 

  • To humanely trap, neuter and medically clear abandoned domestic cats and place them in Cats 1st-approved foster care or permanent homes. 

  • To humanely resolve issues arising between unwanted cats and property owners.

For further information, call 603-988-5592


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